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Airbus 320 Training

Airbus 320 training is now available in Miami Florida!

Alliance Aviation Inc is high quality, FAA Part 142 Training Provider of Type Ratings (A320, A330, B737, B777, ATR42/72) for the career pilot.

All of our instructors are highly qualified with time on type.

Airbus Training Courses
Airbus 318, Airbus 319, Airbus 320 and Airbus 321 share a common type rating. Alliance Aviation Inc offers initial training for the Airbus 320 family of airliners. Alliance Aviation Inc also offers a Cross Crew Qualification course for those already rated on the Airbus 330 or Airbus 340. The CCQ course is a shorter course that is also available to pilots with First Officer Experience on the Airbus 320 family of airplanes. Airbus 320 Captains and First Officers with non FAA type ratings qualify for the CCQ course if they wish to obtain their FAA Airbus 320 Type Ratings. Airbus 320 Recurrent Training is also available at Alliance Aviation Inc. Airbus 320 Recurrent training takes only 3 days. All of Alliance Aviation Inc’s courses are FAA approved.

A320 Rates
FAA approved Airbus 320 initial training, FAA approved Cross Crew Qualification training, FAA approved Airbus 320 Recurrent training are all available at reasonable rates.

  • Airbus 320 Initial Type Rating training: $13,500 USD
  • Airbus 320 Cross Crew Qualification training: $8,000 USD
  • Airbus 320 Recurrent Training: $3,000 USD (Min 2 pilots)

    * Call for special promotional prices.

Pilots should plan on approximately 21 days for the Complete Airbus 320 Type Rating, 10 days for the Airbus 320 CCQ training and 3 days for Airbus 320 Recurrent Training.

Reasonably priced hotels and restaurants are readily available

How to join Alliance Aviation Inc's Airbus 320 training courses?
Call us at (305)870-6002


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